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Cardiff and Vale Glazing offer regular special deals on premium 48mm thick Timber Core Composite Doors, also known as Solid Core Composite Doors. To take advantage of these offers simply get in touch with details of your order and we will produce an Order Form for you. 

Upgrades are available for all designs, however they are obviously subjected to additional fees as the special offer is for doors sold as seen. If you require a different design, alternative glazing, upgraded furniture or have a different colour in mind, please contact us with your preferences or design your own door and we will produce a no obligation quotation, totally customised to your requirements. 

Please note that Special Offers are sold at the prices shown below, within the CF post code.
Other post codes will be subject to an out of area charge of £100, which still offers a great saving.

special offer composite doors
composite door offers
Fill in this form to order your Composite Door 

Fill in the details below and we'll be in touch!


Please complete this form to confirm the price of your order.


Does your current door open IN or OUT?

When standing outside, does your door open IN to the property or OUT of it?

Which side of the door is the handle on?

When standing outside, which side of the door is the handle located?

Which door would you like to order?

See the "Step 1" above to choose your design.

Do you require a fanlight?

A fanlight is the glass/window above the door.

Are there any windows joined to the side of your door?

Sidelights or Flag Windows may need to be replaced at the same time as your door. Please send us photographs and any rough measurements you can so that we can produce an accurate no-obligation quotation for you.

Door furniture colour

Hinges are White

Which door furniture would you like?

All furniture (handles/letterplates/knockers) will match the colour chosen above.

Choose your locking system

Any questions?

If you have specific questions, requirements, or would like to tell us anything, please use this box to write as much as you like. The more detail we have, the easier we can help you. 

Please upload photographs of your current door.

Inside of door
Outside of door


We will not share your details to any third party or add you to any annoying mailing lists! We will only use the details you have provided to discuss your requirements with you, check the location of the property for logistal purposes or to confirm the property type/construction or to contact you regarding your appointment or any quotation that you request us to produce for you. 


If you would like to take advantage of any of our special offers, just let us know! Make a note of which doors and/or windows you would like, and either email us or fill out the contact form here. Why not make an appointment to come and view the showroom as well, as many of the offers are on display and we can help any questions you may have. 

Alternatively, why not have a go at designing your own uPVC Windows & Doors using our state of the art online designer? You can also design your own Endurance composite door here. 

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